Nooo, they get 1000000000% hotter when they wear watch for sure! 

Nowadays, when i see budak or even orang yang lebih tua post in facebook about their relationship, i dont think they're sweet and also not relationship goals at all. Lebih menunjukkan tak kematangan dorang, maybe setiap orang ada pendapat masingmasing. But for me, when ure confident with ur relationship enough then u can say to the world tht she/he is mine.

Break couple then break couple balik, tak penat ke? U will not live that way for the whole of ur life. One day, u will find the real one yang betul sayang dekat kita and accept our flaws. Ada masa kita akan rasa sunyi, thts true since i always feel that. And then i will have this kind of thought "Kawan kau ada je yang single sampai sekarang, kenapa kau tak boleh?" *salute my friend*

Biasalah bila kita keluar ke apa then u see one guy yang u rasa whoa, hes charming or hes handsome. But then lepas lima minit  or tak sampai seminit kita akan lupa muka lelaki tu. Kannnn thts alway happen to me :') Even my parents and siblings tahu bila i in relationship, i will not like guy yang always want to know where i am and nak ws 24 hours. ((U WILL SEE MY BLUETICK EVERYWHERE, BE PREPARE)) Dulu, time zaman tak matang selalu doa nak jodoh dengan si pulan si pulan ni. Siap bet lagi dalam doa kalau dapat si pulan ni taknak dekat lelaki lain dah sobs sobs

Tbh, I once met with the right person but at wrong time.  

And now, i will wait for the right time to start everything. Will not make into break-couple-break relationship, but with relationship that turn into halal way which is marriage. InsyaAllah, do believe with fate everyone.

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